DO NOT submit poetry, short stories, Footnote submissions, book manuscripts, anthology pieces, or anything for Alternating Current Press through this portal.

This category is to submit material to our online literary magazine, The Coil. The portal is for journal pieces only: nonfiction, essays, columns, interviews, memoir, reviews, booklists, trend articles, journalism, themed calls, &c. Become familiar with what our journal publishes before you submit. Poetry, Fiction, and Historical pieces go through the press, NOT this portal. Anything that is not listed in the acceptance list below will be declined unread.  

If your piece is declined, you will receive a standard form reply only; we do not have the personnel to provide feedback. If your work is accepted, there is a tiny token payment the month after publication. We run on the Medium platform, so if your work is accepted, you will have to make a free Medium account to host your pieces, if you do not already have one. We pay higher rates for invited work from those who have solid, experienced bylines, on an individual basis. All work is edited, period.  

We welcome diverse and underrepresented voices and are an LGBT+ safe-space. Do not submit material that is: religious, hateful toward any type of person or culture, pro-gun, or erotica. We believe in the ethical treatment of all people and reject the hateful ideologies and rhetoric of this current Presidential Administration; material in support of it will not find a home here.  


We are currently accepting:

Book Reviews for The Volt

Essays, Articles, & Columns for The Spark

Memoir for The Spark

Literary Recipes for Naked Lunch Menu

Essays on Topics of Expertise for On:Topic

Essays on Writing Craft for On:Craft

Essays on Moments of Passion for The Last Thing I Loved

Alternate Histories

Essays on Literary or Historical Events for On This Day

Photos & Essays of Items Collected by Authors for The Collector

Essays on How Books Hold up Years Later for The Hold-Up

Interviews and Conversations for The Inductor

Self-Interviews for The Inductor

Photo-Interviews for The Inductor

Shelfies for The Signal

Spotlights & Profiles for The Beam

Soundbites, MP3, Video, & Media for The Frequency

Comics, Illustrations, & Artwork Portfolios for The Electromagnet

Novel & Book Excerpts for The Spark

A Note on Photo Prompt Submissions for DaguerreoTyped:

Our monthly photo prompt submissions are currently read by our History Editor, not a Coil editor, so they should not be submitted here. Submit them here instead.  

A Note on Book Blog Tours:

We are happy to be a home for your promotional or book blog tour stops. You may request a book review via The Volt guidelines, but we will not guarantee reviews by set dates. If you want a promotional post for a set date, we suggest writing a guest column, booklist, media post, or essay pertaining to something about your book; or contributing a book excerpt, self-interview, photo interview, Transmitter questions, or giveaway; or having someone else interview you and submit the post.