Ends on April 30, 2019

$5.99 USD, $9.99 USD

This category is to submit unpublished BOOK-LENGTH NONFICTION MANUSCRIPTS, targeted at adults, to consider for the Electric Book Award and open-reading publication on our press. Nonfiction is: essay collections, memoir, creative nonfiction, and scholarly works. Nonfiction is not: novels, novellas, story collections, prose hybrid, or poetry. This is NOT the place for individual essays or individual journalism.

Each submission comes with a complimentary digital copy of our latest memoir, Eats of Eden, a foodoir of writing craft, body image, recipes, and relationships with food, by Tabitha Blankenbiller.

2-Tiered Pricing:

$5.99: Regular reading fee. This will come with a standard form response.

$9.99: Get brief FEEDBACK from our reading panel.

Read our complete general guidelines here.

Read full manuscript guidelines here.

Before you request feedback, read this paragraph.

Do not put your name or any identifying marks inside the file, in the title, or in the file name.

•No cover pages with identifying information or acknowledgments within the file.

•While we will read and consider manuscripts of any length, we do not regularly publish slim chapbooks or slim volumes. We are probably not the best home for your slim work, but we will still read and consider all submissions.

•We do not print academic textbooks, although we will consider well-sourced scholarly work with a literary bent.

•Straight nonfiction requires sources, references, and / or bibliographies that should be included in the endpages. Work should be factchecked and acknowledged, and we will further factcheck all scholarly work before it is published.

•We do not publish quack science, which includes metaphysics and astrology.

We pay for all the work we accept.