Ends on March 31, 2019

This portal is to submit COMPLETED BOOK REVIEWS for The Volt, on The Coil. This is not the place for queries about reviews for your own books by our reviewing staff.

We will consider completed reviews of most books, but our audience is more in the literary vein than in the commerical vein. We are most interested in current and forthcoming books; reviews of older books will take longer to get published and are less likely to be guaranteed a spot. We are especially interested in books that are forthcoming within the next year. Publishers can be small, medium, indie, university, or major, but we are not as interested in self-published books, and we do not review books on vanity presses. No religion, Christian fiction, romance, hate speech, or erotica. Reviews run on The Coil every day, and Tuesdays are reserved for new-release days in the industry.

We look for well-written book reviews that are analytical or that draw comparisons to history or culture, especially in an essay style. We have a vast readership and will feature any style, genre, author, or publisher, large and small alike, if the review is of interest to our readership. Reviews should be submitted by the writer of the review, not the author of the book; reviews from authors pertaining to their own work will be declined. Reviews should be objective; do not send in reviews of books written by your friends if there is a conflict of interest, and do not send in reviews that merely pat an author on the back. You should not send in reviews for books with which you are affiliated in marketing, publicity, editing, publishing, blurbing, or otherwise. To read the reviews in The Volt column, click HERE. Examples of what we are seeking can be found in reviews by Jen Corrigan HERE and Laura Citino HERE.

Reviews have a minimum requirement of 600 words and 2 quoted snippets from the book.

If your piece is declined, you will receive a standard form reply only; we do not have the personnel to provide feedback. If your work is accepted, there is a tiny token payment a month or two after publication. We are happy to be a home for your promotional or book blog tour stops if you need a specific publication date, and we will do our best to accomodate, but we cannot make any guarantees of certain dates. We will only accept one review per book, so if a book is popular and already has a reviewer, we will decline your work unread.

We welcome diverse and underrepresented voices and are an LGBT+ safe-space. Do not submit material that is hateful toward any type of person or culture, or that is pro-gun. We believe in the ethical treatment of all people and reject the hateful ideologies and rhetoric of this current presidential administration; material in support of it will not find a home here.

If you have any questions about the category or wish to send pitches, queries, abstracts, or materials via email instead, or if you wish to inquire with our reviewers about a review possibility for your own book, please contact Jeni De La O at reviews@thecoilmag.com. Do not include attachments. If you have requested attachments to send, please email Jeni for her Dropbox request form to upload files there instead.

We pay a tiny token for all the work we accept.