Ends on April 30, 2019

$2.00 USD

This portal is to submit COMPLETED PERSONAL ESSAYS, CREATIVE NONFICTION, OR MEMOIR for The Spark, on The Coil. This is not the place for fiction, poetry, journalism, or straight nonfiction that veers from the personal and creative.

We look for well-written and topical essays, creative nonfiction, and memoir with a personal and literary slant. Although not entirely required, we are really geared toward a literary scene and are seeking works that reflect that atmosphere. We love pieces that incorporate current events, culture, rural landscapes, diverse voices, books, booklists, science, holidays, personal experiences, craft, literary trends, and history, with a very personal bent. We are big fans of research, digging beneath the top layer, and well-formed arguments. We are always seeking personal essays, hybrid essays, and memoir on most any theme, and are happy to work with scheduling for book-blog tours and release dates.

We can handle images, videos, artwork, photography, and sound. Please upload media separately from the main piece; if there is a link to hosted media on external sites, that is preferable to uploaded media, so please list the available links rather than attaching media, if that is an option. To read all material in The Spark, click HERE. To read essays only, click HERE. To read all columns, click HERE. No religion or hate speech, and romance should have a purpose beyond pain and venting. Columns and essays run on The Coil every Monday and Wednesday, and sometimes on weekends, and Memoir runs every Friday. We are not interested in affiliated articles, purchased opinions, or columns that are trying to sell something with a paid bias.

Text-based essays and columns have a minimum requirement of 600 words.

If your piece is declined, you will receive a standard form reply only; we do not have the personnel to provide feedback. If your work is accepted, there is a tiny token payment a month or two after publication. We are happy to be a home for your promotional or book-blog tour stops if you need a specific publication date, and we will do our best to accomodate, but we cannot make any guarantees of certain dates.

We welcome diverse and underrepresented voices and are an LGBT+ and #MeToo safe-space. Do not submit material that is hateful toward any type of person or culture, or that is pro-gun. We believe in the ethical treatment of all people and reject the hateful ideologies and rhetoric of this current presidential administration; material in support of it will not find a home here.

If you have any questions about the category or wish to send pitches, queries, abstracts, or materials via email instead, please contact Lisa Favicchia at editor@thecoilmag.com. Do not include attachments. If you have requested attachments to send, please email Lisa for her Dropbox request form to upload files there instead.

We pay a tiny token for all the work we accept.