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It's been a tough year for indie presses, so we need a good holiday season. Because COVID-19 has slowed down our shipping times considerably, we're starting our holiday sale now! Please buy indie books for the holidays for everyone you know! This is the cheapest price we've ever had, and maybe ever will have!

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Our books:

  • Footnote #1: A Literary Journal of History tinyurl.com/footnotejournal1
  • Footnote #2: A Literary Journal of History tinyurl.com/footnotejournal2
  • Footnote #3: A Literary Journal of History tinyurl.com/footnotejournal3
  • Footnote #4: A Literary Journal of History tinyurl.com/footnotejournal4
  • Silt: A Novella by Chris Geier tinyurl.com/siltspiel
  • A Room in Dodge City: A Novel in Vignettes by David Leo Rice tinyurl.com/roomindodge
  • What Shines from It: Stories by Sara Rauch tinyurl.com/whatshines
  • Second Acts in American Lives: Flash Stories by Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth tinyurl.com/secondacts
  • The Girl Wakes: Stories by Carmen Lau tinyurl.com/girlwakes
  • Moon Up, Past Full: Novellas & Stories by Eric Shonkwiler tinyurl.com/moonuppastfull
  • The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide: Stories by Schuler Benson tinyurl.com/thepoormansguide
  • Eats of Eden: A Foodoir of Essays & Recipes by Tabitha Blankenbiller tinyurl.com/eatsofeden
  • Wyatt Earp: A Poetic Narrative of a Wild Life in the Wild West by Larry Beckett tinyurl.com/wyattpoem
  • 20,: Erasure Poems of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea: Poems by Jennifer Roche tinyurl.com/20roche
  • We Meant to Bring It Home Alive: Poems by Armin Tolentino tinyurl.com/tolentinoalive
  • Portraits: Poems by B. Z. Niditch tinyurl.com/niditchportraits
  • Girl Friend & Other Mysteries of Love: Love Poems by Charles P. Ries tinyurl.com/girlfriendmysteries
  • Undeniable: Writers Respond to Climate Change tinyurl.com/undeniableanthology
  • Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists tinyurl.com/speclines
  • The Sky Is a Free Country: The Luminaire Award Anthology, Volume I tinyurl.com/luminaire1
  • Poiesis Review #1-5: A Literary Journal Collected Archive tinyurl.com/poiesis1-5
  • Poiesis Review #6: A Literary Journal tinyurl.com/poiesis6
  • Poiesis Review #7: A Literary Journal tinyurl.com/poiesis7
  • The Art of Arranging: A Collection of 5 Chapbooks + Outtakes by Paul Weinman, Joseph Verrilli, & Harry Calhoun tinyurl.com/art-arranging
  • Of Small Things: A Collection of 4 Chapbooks + Outtakes by Dave Church, Stephanie Hiteshew, B. Z. Niditch, & More tinyurl.com/ofsmallthings
  • ; Or, How We Stopped Warming Up for 20 Years and Learned to Exit the Green Room: Poetry Archives 1993-2013 tinyurl.com/exitgreenroom
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