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So you wrote a book.
Congratulations. So did everyone else. How can you make your book stand out when it lands across the desk of a literary agent or publisher? How do you know your pitch is solid and ready to bowl ’em over? Let a publishing company and a team of experienced editors look over your query before you send it out into the world.

Let us help.

We’ve been editing serious, eclectic, indie, and mainstream writing for over 20 years. We receive hundreds of pitches, samples, short works, and full manuscripts per year, and we can tell you without a doubt which books we want to publish before we even leave the first page. Let us help you make your pitch that good, too.

If you want your query to be noticed in the slush pile, it has to pop. Here, we offer you a chance to run your query letter through our Editing Bootcamp, where it undergoes a panel of veteran editors, authors, readers, and manuscript selectors who will come up with a collective critique of your work. We are fortunate to have one of the best teams of editors in the independent press, and our editing services are highly coveted and requested, even award-winning.

Each submission also comes with a complimentary digital copy of our latest book, currently Moon Up, Past Full, a collection of dark, rural Midwestern novellas and short stories by Eric Shonkwiler.

It’s easy: You submit your query letter. We read it very carefully. We return to you an in-depth critique and breakdown of editing needs (and we fix your typos), depending on the work that still needs to be done before your query pops. You cry. You fix it. You become a successful, rich author. Piece of cake.

Our Editing Bootcamp is the toughest workshop you might ever encounter. That’s why we call it Bootcamp. The critique that comes back will probably make you cry and want to bury your pen and notebook in the bottom drawer. We are not here to coddle or nudge you lovingly from the nest. We are here to make your work stand out from the rest when it lands on the desk of the next agent or publisher, and we’re willing to bet that, right now, it doesn’t do that. We dare you to prove us wrong. No written material is ever above further improvement, even the most polished pieces, manuscripts, or queries.

This will be the best and most painful $10 you’ve ever spent. Trust that your manuscript is worth it.

Furthermore, if your query sounds interesting ... we might just want to read more of it.

We can only critique queries in English. Service fees are not refunded if you don’t like what we say about your query. We’re not lying when we say you will not receive a pat on the back. Our turnaround is generally inside of a month. We make every effort to get your critique to you swiftly, but sometimes we have a great volume of work at once. Please trust that your critique is in the queue, in the order it was received, and please do not follow up on the status of your submission unless you have not heard back from us after two months.

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