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Since 1993, we have been kickin’ it in the indie press scene. In 2013, we ventured into full-length paperbacks and away from our humble beginnings with zines, cut ’n’ paste leaflets, and tiny, handmade chapbooks. Now, we just can’t stop growing, and we need some great volunteers to join our team.

Alternating Current Press publishes literary fiction, historical fiction, some creative nonfiction (with an emphasis more on history and literary, and less on memoir), short story collections, hybrid works (that border more on literary and less on experimental), novels, novellas, poetry collections (more universal and less experimental, and especially thematic and conceptual works), literary journals, anthologies, and an online journal. We really like history, science, rural homebound roots, the Great Plains, strong poetic prose, a sense of place and atmosphere, home and landscape, fantastic literary presence, awareness of our place in time and space, unique literary voice, diverse writers, and timeless writing that just must be published.

We go out of our way and into our own pockets to make sure our authors get paid, get marketed, get promoted, get loved, and feel like part of the family. All authors on our press get paid for all material we publish.

And now it’s time to grow even more, but we can’t do it alone. We want to take on more books, more authors, more press outlets, and expand to become one of the best indie presses out there. We’re looking for commitment. We’re looking for people with a little extra time on their hands who want to be part of our press, who want to help it become something big and have a hand in that process.

If you are already involved with tons of journals, editing projects, writing projects, organizations, and awesome community literary endeavors—good for you! BUT—you might not be right for us. Please be honest with yourself: If you are already constantly wondering how to manage your time and how to finish everything on your plate because there’s ten different pie pieces on it—please don’t volunteer for big tasks. We aren’t asking you not to have a life, but we are looking for someone dedicated who can afford the time to make a commitment, and someone willing to dig deep into the literary community and world, to make contacts, to know what’s going on bookwise and authorwise all over the country, and to be in it for the long haul. There will be boring tasks and endless Google searches and slogging emails to parse through and constant contact with people who’ve forgotten that you already contacted them twice. It’s not all fun and games. But the end is rewarding, and you will be a partner whose ideas have equal weight, not just a gopher. If you aren’t even remotely familiar with our press, then you might not be the right person. We’ve been around for a good long time, so if you don’t know us, then you might not be paying enough attention for a job like this. (But then again, you might be perfect for it, so we won’t hold it against you, but please, go get to know us first. Know why you want to work with us. Because if it’s just for some cred, then you aren’t the right fit for us.)

Please also know what kind of press we are. We believe in promoting diverse voices. We read blind because we value the words and ideas above all else. We believe that books can transform the way people think, can teach compassion and end biases—so if you’re only reading books by dead white men, then we aren’t the place for you. We want to make people less afraid of Muslims. We want to create a safe space for LGBT+. We want diverse books, own voices, and a fair shot for underprivileged writers. If you voted for the dangerous, hateful man who is our current president, then we aren’t the right place for you. If you didn’t vote at all, then we aren’t the right place for you. If you don’t believe climate change is real, then we aren’t the right place for you. If you don’t care about history, the human experience, the heart behind every breath—then we aren’t the right place for you.

If that sounds like too much to you, please don’t volunteer.

But if that sounds AMAZING (and it is!), please DO volunteer!

All positions are remote, although some of the positions require someone in the United States if it is necessary to be close to our market, to be within our North American time zones, and to have an excellent grasp of the English language. All positions are also completely adjustable around your hours, as long as you meet any deadlines or needs we have in a timely fashion.

Our big empty shoes to fill:

YA Editor (USA only)
YA Publicist (USA only)
Artistic, Audio, & Visual Designers
Awards & Microgrants Coordinator
Social Media Director (USA only)
“The Coil” Assistant Editors [2]
Book Reviews Editor (USA only)
Book Reviewers

All positions will have a three-month trial run. At the end of those three months, we will have an evaluation to determine if you truly are right for the team, based on your performance.
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