The Last Thing I Loved is exactly what it sounds like. We are seeking essays on the last thing you truly loved, something you felt so passionate about when you found out about it, heard it, tried it, tasted it, read it, saw it, revisited it, that you just had to tell everyone. We want to hear about products and songs and ideas and objects that changed your life and changed your mind. Tell us that passion, and make us feel it. We especially want to hear from marginalized and underrepresented authors, and we are an LGBTQUIA+ safe-space. We are not interested in affiliated articles, purchased opinions, or columns that are trying to sell something with a paid bias.


If the last thing you loved is love itself, then you are not trying hard enough. We are not interested in your personal relationships with unknown people. We are also not interested in sadness for this column; we do not want essays about things you lost if the mood is not upbeat, lovely, passionate, and fun. 

  • Material should have a minimum of 600 words.
  • This column should include at least 1 (and up to 19) hi-res image(s) of the last thing you loved.
  • All work must be in English and must be the author’s own. We do not consider AI-generated works.
  • No religion or hate speech. Do not submit material that is hateful toward any type of person or culture, or that is pro-gun.
  • If you need to adjust a submission, please use the Request to Edit option through Submittable. Please don’t request to edit for minor flaws, however—all accepted work will go through an editing process and will have the chance to be updated before publication, and your work will not be disqualified for a missing comma.
  • All authors must be at least 18 to submit.
  • Simultaneous submissions allowed. If your piece is picked up elsewhere, please withdraw your submission through Submittable.
  • Previously published articles or essays are not considered.
  • Submit via Submittable only. We do not accept email submissions.
  • This is a free form that is unique to you and shouldn't be shared with others. There is a $2 administrative fee for anyone able to pay.
  • We will send a response to every submission within two months. Form response only, unless we are interested in publishing your work. We are regretfully unable to provide feedback. If you have not heard back from us within two months, please feel free to contact us (kindly).
  • We pay $10 per accepted essay.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.