Ends on December 31, 2018

This category is to submit INDIVIDUAL POEMS to consider for the Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists one-time print anthology. This is NOT the place for full book manuscripts or any prose.

This category does NOT come with any complimentary digital books or any feedback options. You will receive a standard form reply only.

Read about the anthology and its guidelines here.

Read our complete general guidelines here.

Read regular poetry guidelines here.

Do not put your name or any identifying marks inside the file, in the title, or in the file name.

•No cover pages with contact information or acknowledgments within the file.

•You may submit as many poems as you choose, in one single document.

•Poems only; do not send prose of any kind, although prose-poems and hybrid work (that leans toward poetry) are considered.

We pay token for all the work we accept.